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transferring between chequing and credit card not working

I'm trying to show a payment to my capital one card, and have always transferred the amount from my chequing account to the card account. Today I keep getting a pop up indicating it's a foreign money transfer, and trying to exchange the funds from Canadian to US. It isn't a foreign money transfer - these are 2 Canadian accounts I've had for years, and until today it's been a simple transaction.

If I hit cancel so it doesn't exchange the funds into US funds, the trnasfer shows up in my chequing account, but is blank on my credit card account. And if I put the amount into the credit card account, it tries to exchange the funds AGAIN - I hit cancel and the funds now show in the Cap 1 account, but the transaction is now blank in the chequing account.

What is going on?????


  • Valderi
    Valderi Member ✭✭✭✭
    The first thing I would check is to verify that your two accounts are in Canadian money by right click on the name of each account, then "edit" and check the "account currency". 
  • Kasrielle
    Kasrielle Member
    I checked and the credit card now says US Funds but it's greyed out and can't be changed. Previously it said Canadian funds.
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