How do I contact support?

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    Hi,,, I must admit that I am totally infuriated and angry at Quicken hiding and not disclosing a support email. - This is the second time that data
    has just vanished... backups only go to January 2019!... I have used Quicken since 1996 and now it is a total mess - and 23 years of work to maintain a proper record has been wiped out!!

    even the previous incident has not been fixed.
    A VERY BITTER experience indeed.

    What do you expect me to do, fly from Singapore to your office !!....

    This is Quicken 2016 version 3.8.3
    Rolf M. Jacobsohn
    (email removed for privacy)
  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sorry, but there is no email address you can use to write in directly.
    Since you're on an old, unsupported version of Quicken, built-in links to Quicken Support and the Quicken Community may not function any longer.
    Had you been on a supported version of Quicken, just simply clicking on LEARN & SUPPORT at the top of the Community webpage would have brought you to the top of the Quicken Support webpage. Scrolling down same would have shown you the available Support options: Chat and Phone support. Unfortunately, not being on a supported version, these options won't help you.
    Your only way to get support is to ask a question here in the Community and someone will try to help you.
    If your problem is a damaged or lost Quicken data file and you don't have any backups ... I'm afraid, nobody will be able to help you in that situation, except perhaps Harry Potter: "Swish and flick! ... EXPECTO QUICKENIUM!" ;-)

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    Hi @zuidlaren ,

    The problem is that you are depending on Automatic Backups, instead of creating Manual Backups. With Manual Backups, there is no limit on Manual Backups, but there is a limit to Automatic Backups.

    For me, I have Network Attached Storage Hard Drive mapped to the operating system and I back up to the Mapped Hard Drive, manually every time I make major changes to the Data File. I don't full around with Automatic Backups.

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