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Net Worth Report shows incorrect current balance for some investment accounts

I just now updated Quicken for Windows (subscription) from R19.44 to R21.12. The Net Worth Report now shows incorrect current balance values for some of the investment accounts. The correct current balance is shown in the detail report that opens when I double-click on the incorrect current balance value displayed by the Net Worth report. The current balance seems to be calculated correctly but the final report picks some other value to display. The correct current balance (in the "Market Value" column) is also shown in the "Investing" tab. It is just the Net Worth report that seems to be in error and not all accounts are in error.

Is this a known issue for R21.12? It worked correctly in R19.44.


  • volvogirl
    volvogirl SuperUser ✭✭✭✭

    Maybe you have a security price or transaction dated  in the future? Check the price history.

  • walter2019
    walter2019 Member
    Price history looks fine for all securities in the account showing the error. The most recent price value is dated 9-Aug-2019 and the error is happening for net worth calculated as of 12-Aug-2019. The issue is that the net worth report is not using the correct value calculated by either the "investing" tab or the double-click detail report.
    Thanks, but it sure looks like a bug introduced after R19.44.
  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    To track down the source of these discrepancies, I suggest (after backing up your data):

    a) Go to File > File operations > Validate and Repair and see if validating and rebuilding the investing lots fixes the problem.

    b) Click the gear to customize the Net Worth report and check Account Detail on the Display tab. This will show each security in each account. Compare this to an Investing > Portfolio view grouped by Account to see which securites are causing the problem.

    c) Set the end date for the report and the As of date for the Portfolio view earlier until the discrepancy goes away, then zero in on the date when the problem first occurs. Look in the account for transactions near that date that might be causing the problem.
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  • walter2019
    walter2019 Member
    a) already did the validate, no problems found
    b) OK. This shows a negative current balance for the same security for the two accounts that are in error.
    c) Negative current balance for this security begins July 25 when 10 shares out of 40 were sold leaving a balance of 30 shares in one account and 30 shares out of 240 leaving a balance of 210 shares in the 2nd account. Both accounts show a negative current balance for this security in the Net Worth report but a positive (and correct) balance for this security when account holdings are examined.

    It's as if there is some invisible transaction on July 25 that only the Net Worth report calculation includes in its calculations.

    I'm wondering if, after doing a backup, exporting the problem accounts to a QIF file, deleting the accounts with the problem, creating new empty accounts, and then importing the QIF files might fix the problem. I did export the QIF files but did not see any erroneous transactions when I looked through them.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are you sure there are no hidden Placeholders in your account? Go to Edit > Preferences > Investment Transactions and make sure Show hidden transactions is checked.
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  • walter2019
    walter2019 Member
    I looked, and there are no hidden Placeholders.

    I did manage to fix the problem. Here's what I did:
    1) Export the two accounts with the problem transactions into QIF files.
    2) Create new empty temporary accounts (IRA type).
    3) Import the QIF files into the new empty accounts.
    4) Fix errors. The errors were mostly due to transfers between accounts that got duplicated. There was one case where a dividend income transaction was not imported because it did not appear in the QIF file. I think the reason it was not in the QIF was because it was not linked to a security. I fixed the original transaction and repeated the QIF export.
    5) Eventually I could use the Net Worth by quarters report to compare only two accounts (which should be identical) over time. I could then look at an Investment Transactions report for the two accounts for the block of time showing the non-identical net wort values. The transactions were identical, yet the summation of the transactions was in error in the original account but not in error for the temporary account. I verified this by exporting the transaction report to Excel and doing the transaction summation in Excel which produced the correct value.
    6) I then deleted suspicious transactions from the original account and copy/pasted the identical transactions from the temporary imported account. The transactions remained identical in the two accounts (as far as could be seen by looking at them), but the sum for the original account became correct.
    7) Once the original and temporary accounts gave identical results for the Net Worth and Transactions reports, I deleted the temporary account.
    8) All seems good now, at least for the two accounts I fixed.

    I believe that the problem is due to a mal-formed transaction records that are not flagged by the validation process. Possibly, one or more fields which should have been zero were not and the transaction summation process used by Net Worth and Transaction reports just summed all the fields regardless of whether or not they contained valid values. This is definitely a change in behavior between R19.44 and R21.12 since the net worth report generated by R19.44 did not show the error (even with the problem transactions present) but R21.12 did until I replaced the problem transactions. I suspect the validation process used by QIF export is more robust than the standard file operations validation & repair process.

    I have other accounts (dating from 2000) which appear to have similar hidden transactions that affect transaction summations but which are not visible in a transaction list. I plan to explore this QIF export/import approach and see if I can fix those too.
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