401k Transamerica

How come I don't see Transamerica under investment?


  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Your first step would be to contact Transamerica to find out if they offer downloading transaction capability. (I see Transamerica Life Insurance Compoany for checking and credit card accounts, but agree that nothining similar shows for investing accounts.) If yes, then press for whether they support Quicken Mac. Each Quicken product/platform is different, and financial institutions sometimes support windows but not Mac (for reaosns we never know). Other times, they choose not to pay the fee to Quicken/Intuit for providing connectivity. Customer requests/complaints to financial institutions have proven successful in getting companies to decide to offer connectivity for Quicken. But without the financial institution offering it, Quicken cannot do anything.
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