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Credit card account number changed, How do I remove the old Bill?

Credit card account number changed, How do I remove the old Bill? Now showing a bill for old and new accounts numbers. Old bill will not update but still shows up as due each month. how do I delete this bill?

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  • JBDubheJBDubhe Member ✭✭
    Same issue here, I think. If so, your assumption that the problem appears on the "Manage Bill and Income Reminder" screen is wrong. In my case, and what I think is tlicata's issue, appears on the page accessed from the "Bills and Income" tab, "Bills, Income & Transfers" subtab, sorted by biller name.

    I have had two GAP credit cards over the years. One GAP credit card shows up on the "Bills, Income & Transfers" list with the appropriate account number, balance and payment due date info. An older, long since closed, GAP card also shows up with its account number and the notation "Awaiting next bill." There is no apparent way to make it go away.

    It was years ago when I opened the new account so my memory is a bit hazy on the issue, but I think I just replaced the old account info with the new account information. In other words, I did not go through the process of closing the old account and opening a new account. As a result, the old account does not appear on any account list -- even when I look at the hidden and closed account entries. Yet somehow the program remembers the old account number and is still successfully determines that there is no current bill pending. (The closed account can still be accessed using the same user ID and password as the active account). There is no obvious way to tell Quicken that the account is closed.

    I have a potentially related issue with ghost information remaining in the system with another credit card account. On this other account, both the account number and the bank changed, but the transaction history tranferred seamlessly (Costco's switch from AMEX to VISA). As with the GAP cards, I did not want to open a new account, so I just updated the information for the existing account with the new account information. Ever since, when I reconcile the account and the program offers to send a check, it proposes sending payment to the old card issuer. Again, there is no information accessible in the program that I can find where this historical link is being kept, so I have no way to update the default payee.

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