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I'm currently using Quicken 2017 for Mac and am considering subscribing.

A few questions come to mind.

I've read that, if I decide not to renew, an expired membership notice appears each time I open the application. Does this still exist? If so, does the notice ever go away?


I understand that, if I choose not to renew, I cannot use online services, such as downloading transactions. Specifically, does this mean that I would no longer be able to download qfx files from my financial institutions and have that information automatically entered?

Last, I occasionally see Quicken subscriptions on sale through the app. However, these special prices don't reflect the Canadian price online. Does Quicken go on sale in Canada?


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    @david.vh I'll take a crack at answering at least some of your questions...

    I believe the expired notice still exists on the right side of the screen. I can't say for certain, since I haven't had an expired subscription (as is likely the case with most of the folks who frequently post here). Perhaps someone using an expired subscription can comment or share a screenshot of how it appears currently.

    When your subscription expires, you are correct about losing online services. And that includes files you download yourself from your institution that you upload to Quicken. (Quicken still performs a number of online actions on your data, even if you're uploading from a desktop file.) So if you allow your subscription to lapse, you are deciding to enter all your data manually.

    In terms of Quicken Canada, there is no separate product for Quicken Mac; there's only Quicken Mac, and it can be set to use Canada or US settings, or both. So if you are able to find Quicken Mac for sale via retail sites that offer a better price than direct from Quicken, do it. What you're purchasing is basically the authorization code which you will enter into Quicken or by logging into your account on Quicken.com. As for whether Quicken itself ever offers promotional pricing for Canadian users, I don't know, and perhaps a Canadian user will answer. But be aware that promotional pricing from Quicken is essentially useful only once; there are no promotions for subscription customers renewing -- unless you let your subscription lapse for a month or more, after which you again become eligible for Quicken promotions. This is only for purchases through Quicken; you can renew your subscription at a discount if you shop for discounted Quicken via retail sellers.
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