Need a "Next" Month/Quarter/Year time-frame pick-set to go with "This" & "Last" M/Q/Y (Q Mac)

How do I suggest a "Next" Month/Quarter/Year time-frame pick-sets be added to go with "This" & "Last" M/Q/Y. Would anybody else find this useful? I'm frequently wishing I could see/search in the FUTURE (planned) transactions without having to do a special date selection.
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    @Malcom Allen There are a few ways to see future-scheduled transactions, and I would guess that most users have found these sufficient.

    You may already know this, but just to review: (1) In each register, when you click Settings in the bottom toolbar, you can specify how to show future transactions, from not at all to the next one to all within the next 30, 90, 180, or 365 days. You have to change this setting register by register. (2) To see all your future transactions in one place, click on the Bills & Income tab of the main blue menu bar. The Bills tab shows all the Payees with schedule transactions in the timeframe you select; the Projected Balances shows all the instances of all scheduled transactions.

    I'd guess that most people don't have enough scheduled transactions that they want to use Reports for them, as you're requesting here. While scheduled transactions do look forward, they're typically a very incomplete look at forward income or spending. Nonetheless, I can see why you might want such a report.

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    i agree with this request. I budget my expenses by pay periods and have set each bill to be paid on the 2nd or 15th. It would be great to have this feature to have only all that monthly memories transactions to show up in the grey. This is a beneficial enhancement for those who use the memorized and scheduled transaction process. I do and want this feature and maybe others too.