Wanting to use my Quicken 2005 with Windows 10

I purchase Quicken 2005 to replace older version. I use Quicken twice a month. Once when I enter what I spent in a given month with my credit card a few other charges and once when I do my monthly bank statement. That is all. And year end to print out my yearly tax filing income and expense.
Each month when I save changes, Quicken automatically assigns a new Quicken ODF data file along with 3 other files. I just looked at most recent file and I can see what I've done this month or days going back to 1994! Yes 1994.
It looks as if I will have to spend money to upgrade and subscribe to Quicken 2019 or 2020.
Is there some way other than leaving Quicken 2005 on this old Windows 7 laptop and do what I have been doing for next how many years or be able to move Quicken 2005 to Windows 10 HP Envy SSD? Maybe like put current 4 files(QDF, IDX, QEL, QPH) on a Flash drive for use in Windows 10. Size of QDF file is 9700KB other 3 a lot smaller.

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  • quick05
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    August 6, 2019 was last date I used my 2005 Quicken files and updated 4 above mentions files. Can I delete lots and lots of prior updated 4 mentioned files from previous back ups going back years?
    Lets say I make a backup of August 6 four files and then do update to Quicken 13 using same file I backed up from will I be able to use Quicken 13 in Windows 10 when I get HP envy with no monthly cost or fees?
    And Thanks. While I probably will never have had to go back as many years as I saved and it looks like I am a hoarded of useless data, I might be!
    Thanks again
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