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Mortgage Progress tab incorrect (Q Mac)

My mortgage values were input correctly and the balance is up to date and matches the bank records. However, the Progress tab and graphic say that the mortgage was paid off in 2016! Progress was correct in the past--there have been a couple of updates since I last checked... How do I reset Mortgage Progress?


  • Steve118@
    [email protected] Member ✭✭
    edited August 2019
    Me too. It shows a pay off 11 years after it will be.
  • Danmint
    Danmint Member ✭✭
    Same here; it shows a payoff of 2013 despite accurate info under Loan and Payment terms. It won't allow me to set a mortgage payment up.
  • Bob57
    Bob57 Member
    edited February 2020
    I recently converted from Quicken 2017 for Mac to the subscription version of 2020 5.14.3 and ran into problems with getting my home mortgage set up to replicate what was working fine in Quicken 2017. I've attached 6 images that illustrate the problem.
    Image 1 shows my current mortgage payment terms as set up in the mortgage section.
    Image 2 shows the progress screen. So far so good.
    Image 3 shows adding $5000.00 monthly to the principle payment, and this is where things go south.
    Image 4 shows the defect. The software thinks the I want to add the $5000.00 payment starting at the beginning of the loan and therefore the loan should already be paid off and gives a warning as such.
    Image 5 confirms this as the program calculates no principle and interest for the 2/1/2020 payment.
    Image 6 shows how this worked in Quicken 2017 using the same mortgage data.
    I have tried a manner of manipulations to get this issue resolved to no avail. Any suggestions?


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