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Q for Mac not downloading USAA transactions

Quicken 2017 for Mac is not downloading USAA transactions for about the last three days. Error message on checking, savings, and investments:

"Partial Download (-28) 1 new transactions downloaded (there may be more transactions to download). FI_TIMEOUT:ccscrape.102:Retry. Webpage is Currently Unavailable."

1. No transactions have been downloaded.
2. Been using Quicken Connect for years with no problem. Now USAA does NOT accept Direct Connect.
3. I re-entered by credentials and the USAA website asks one security question thru Quicken, but doesn't not allow a connection.
4. New credentials screen asks for a PIN (Says" Required") even tho Quicken Connect with USAA does NOT require a PIN. Trying to switch to Direct Connect asks for a Password/PIN...which ONE? Neither works.
5. Going to USAA website works fine, new transactions show on the USAA webpage. So, the webpage IS available.
6. Quicken help is not helping nor applicable. Not my job to create a Test account either.
7. I have changed NOTHING to make this problem start.
8 Last weeks, the problem was AMEX...why is this so hard?



  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    (a) I understand your frustration.

    (b) "Why is this so hard?" Because financial institutions are constantly changing their websites, login processes, and download and security procedures. You likely only deal with a handful of financial institutions, but Quicken supports about 8,000. If every financial institution made only one change per year, that would require Quicken (actually, Intuit, which handles connectivity under contract to Quicken) to have to make programming changes to 150 financial institutions per week -- 30 a day, or one every 15 minutes! (And many financial institutions make more than one change a year, as they are under increased pressure and scrutiny to tighten security.) And while some financial institutions information inform Intuit in advance so the changes can be seamless, others don't, so it takes users discovering problems and Quicken Support aggregating multiple reports of problems to start the process of figuring out what changed and how to adjust to it.

    (c) You can contact Quicken Support and work through the steps they direct you to take to try to isolate whether the problem is something with the financial institution or the configuration in your file -- or you can certainly decide not to spend the time to do that. Assuming the problem is with a change at the financial institution, it's then a matter of waiting for other to report the problem, and then waiting for them to come up with a fix. A fix in some cases can be done very quickly; in some cases, in takes a few weeks depending what the financial institution is doing. If you can do without downloading for awhile, by entering transactions manually, it may be less hassle just to wait until the situation is resolved. But in some cases, resetting something in your quicken connection might resolve the matter immediately, so there's no guarantee waiting will fix your problem on its own.

    Maintaining secure connectivity to thousands of financial institutions is definitely the weak link of Quicken, but it's mostly not Quicken's fault because they only control a small piece of the action. (I've entered most of my transactions manually for many years, in large part to avoid dealing with these problems, but I know I'm in the minority and most people want the convenience of downloading.)
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  • JWBradley3
    JWBradley3 Member
    USAA transactions appear to be downloading now...first day, but let's hope it's fixed. It would help if the download errors were less for programmers and more for users. :)
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