CC-506 error connecting to Target National Bank

I have been having a problem connecting to Target for a little while now. Initially, I get a prompt to input my password but with no means to do so.

Then I go through the troubleshooting after which Quicken tries to reset the connection.

This is when I get the CC-506 message, "Quicken is unable to update your account. This may be because the account was closed or its nickname was changed."

Is this a known issue?

Quicken 2019 Premier 2019 vR21.16.


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  • Michael RosenMichael Rosen Member ✭✭
    I saw that, actually. I don't understand how the first step is supposed to work, however. Deselecting all items in the One Step Update leaves the Update Now button grayed out.

    Either way, I eventually deactivated online services altogether and reactivated and it is now working. Initially I got a cryptic error message about a missing password but another update seemed to resolve that.

    Thank you.
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