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Why do my mortgage payments show up as negative amounts in the split transaction?

When I enter the reminder transaction for my mortgage payment, the amounts in the split transaction are shown as negative amounts for both the interest portion as well as the principal amounts? Of course this effects all of the information associated with the loan.

This has been going on for the past few months. Prior to that I had no problems. Further, the loan has been in Quicken since it was established in 2003.


  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Have you checked the amortization schedule that Quicken built on the loan to see what it says?  That's supposed to be where the payment comes from.
  • I have a similar problems the split amounts show the correct principal and interest but when I try to add the escrow payment amount everything looks okay until the transaction is downloaded. Then the split amount comes up with a negative amount equal to the interest plus the principal offsetting the entire amount so that only the escrow amount shows as being paid. I have to go to the split window each month and delete the negative amount that Quicken enters so that I can reconcile the account. I also have been having this problem for about a year and have tried several fixes and patches and nothing works. I've looked at all of the help and tried redoing the transaction and even a different reminder or no reminder at all. it's still does the same thing.
    When I try to enter the escrow amount and the reminder on the loan payment screen for amortization it only says that the amount entered will determine the extra principal paid. So it only has an option to add an extra principal amount, but I'm trying to add an extra amount in the payment that's equal to the escrow amount for which I have a separate account to track that's balance. So I have no way to enter an extra amount in the payment that's going to somewhere else other than being tagged as an extra principal amount and messing up the hole balance for everything included in this transaction.
  • Paul Rowe
    Paul Rowe Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your response Michael.

    The Quicken amortization schedule is correct, it differs slightly from the bank amortization schedule, probably from rounding differences.
  • Paul Rowe
    Paul Rowe Member ✭✭

    Quicken is not linked to my bank accounts, so as a result I do not encounter your problem. My problem is solely within Quicken. I use my bank website to actually make the mortgage payment. I am only using the Quicken reminder transaction so the associated accounts in Quicken will be updated.
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