How do I get past the error "Could not parse the URL "Customer\AppData\Local\Temp\IXP000.TMP\current

Attempted to install the Mondo patch released 9/30. How do I get past the error "Could not parse the URL "Customer\AppData\Local\Temp\IXP000.TMP\current/wyserver.wys" - it's either malformed or is an unknown protocol."


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    After updating Quicken to R21.17 I ran the One-step update and it gave me a
    CC-800 error affecting only all three BOA accounts and not the Fidelity accounts, and recommended me to wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours I ran another One-step update and it gave me again a CC-800 for the bank accounts only.

    I followed the recommendation in the Quicken forum to deactivate the three bank accounts, validate file (no error found) and open an account and LINK these three back again, selecting BOA to later get the "It's not your fault" error. I thought that the R21.17 fixed the "Sorry, we've encountered an error" - "I'ts not your fault" error. When I proceeded to install the Mondo patch, it gave a file malformation error (as quoted: Could not parse the URL "Jens\AppData\Local\Temp\IXP000.TMP\current/wyserver.wys" - it's either malformed or is an unknown protocol). Quicken then flagged me with another more recent update: R21.16. Updated it and exactly the same "It's not your fault" error was generated. Quicken on the web browser flags said bank accounts.

    Bottom line, after update R21.17 and then R21.16 on 08/31/2019, it's back to square one. It worked fine for a few days automatically downloading bank transactions secured with a pin via text. I use the backup file and open it to only view at my work Windows 10 PC but do all the updating only at home with my Windows 7 Home PC.
    Quicken, please advise. In the meantime. I download transaction QFX files from BOA website but it is more time consuming.
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    I too am unable to install the Mondo patch getting the same error "Could not parse the URL except my error has \IXP002.TMP\current/wyserver.wys…… Looking forward to a solution...
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    Thank you, successfully downloaded the patch, not sure why my original PC log in did not allow download as it too is an administrator account.

    Unfortunately, post Mondo patch download and install the problem, "it's not your fault" error arose again for the TIAA account. Called them too.

    thanks again
  • "It's not your fault" after calling by phone Quicken Help Desk (Q saw this error on my shared screen today 09/03/2019) and I also called my bank's (Bank of America) Digital Team after that, both now blaming each other. Bank team could not make anything out of the "It's not your fault" error and from the bank's end everything looked OK afterwards. Quicken Help Desk had me delete the C:\Users\My Documents\Quicken folder, deactivate all bank accounts, reinstall Quicken Deluxe desktop and set up an OS compatibility window by checking and selecting the desktop's Windows 7 Home OS. Quicken started up, Quicken Help Desk had me try to add the deactivated bank accounts and the now gone viral "It's not your fault" error on the Community website popped up, and now makes it impossible to LINK back these bank accounts into the One step update via Express Web Connect. No error logs were viewed. It made it as far as taking my six-digit PIN texted from the bank before the error above immediately showed up.

    Weeks ago, I installed Quicken on a PC Windows 10 at work that never had Quicken before, One step Express Web Connect did work seamlessly! I brought a backup from my work PC to my home PC, and it worked for a few days. Then the CC-800, CC-898 and aforementioned errors showed up using various backup files, to no avail. It's a merry-go-round at the moment. My work PC also shows these errors coming right from the backup file brought over. Seems like an infected PC, my home PC, and it spreads to the other PC. There's a hidden Quicken file somewhere that wreaks havoc. For now, I download the tedious QFX files from the bank, but want One step Express Connect to eventually work!
  • Issue solved! (So far, so good). I started Quicken desktop at my work Windows 10 PC and it auto-updated from R21.16 to R21.17 at startup. When opening to my latest file that had the CC800, CC898 and "it's not your fault" errors, Quicken desktop now ran One-Step update and the bank (BOA) portion asked for the six-digit PIN via text. Entered it and it worked without any hesitation and errors. On the next day, my bank recognized this Quicken file and One-Step updated without asking for a PIN. Transferred the backup to my home Windows 7 PC and restored it there. Q was still R21.16 at home and it also upgraded to R21.17 at startup. One thing I remember is that Quicken Help Desk set up a Windows 7 compatibility window from a Windows OS pull-down window with various old Windows versions for this desktop software, which might have been a snag in my pursuit of error-free One-Step updates. It's possible that the Quicken desktop software defaults to Windows 10, but this is up to the Quicken team to confirm. We'll see if Q continues to One-Step update error-free in the coming weeks!
  • Addendum to Quicken R21.16 and R21.17 compatibility check: Right-click on the Quicken icon on the desktop. Click on Properties. Select the compatibility tab and it lets you choose in a pull-down window, from Windows 95 (really?) to Windows 7. Windows 10 is probably the default setting, but for Quicken team to confirm.
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