Can't get Keybank checking to work CC-502?

Keybank automatic download checking + not working - CC-502 error. Contacted Key tech call line and was told there was a problem with their outsource processor that was being worked on an would be resolved sometime soon. Was told that manual download work. Tried it and it did. Hope this help someone encountering this problem the last several days

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    Some additional information that also may be helpful to others
  • Dora123Dora123 Member ✭✭
    Talked to Key and they said there was a problem that their outsourced system provider was working on and resolution was expected soon.
  • TMacTMac Member ✭✭
    Status Unchanged 9/1 10:00AM edt - Keys general online banking help line reports this is still an open, escalated ticket. Key's quicken support group is not open on Sundays, but it was reported they'll be working tomorrow on the Labor Day holiday. Check back with them tomorrow for updated details. Increased numbers of inbound customer calls may further escalate the priority of the issue internally
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    Status Unchanged 9/3 9:39AM edt - Keys general online banking help line reports this is still an open, escalated ticket
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    9/3 10:00am edt - Key's quicken support center reports that tech support has begun investigating/resolving this issue just today. The issue began and was reported to Key on Thursday night 8/29, but was not picked up by tech support until today due to Holiday weekend. The issue is that Key's internal systems are showing all accounts as having 3rd party access disabled, even if your online banking profile indicates you've enabled it. Hence, the express web connect method is being denied access to all customer accounts. DirectConnect customers are unaffected. According to Key's quicken support group, they won't be posting progress or resolution status on this issue anywhere. The only way to check status is to continue calling them to ask.
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