RBFCU Transactions stopped downloading on 8/26

Since August 26th I haven't seen any new transactions downloaded from RBFCU. The online account balance updates but no new transaction records are added to the register. I've asked RBFCU and they say they have seen no reports of this from anyone else and to raise the issue with Quicken.

I have sent the logs to Quicken through the "Report a Problem" link but haven't heard anything back.


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    I can't help with your specific issue, but the Report a Problem channel is generally one-way: Quicken gets the report, but they do not follow up with users (unless, in rare cases, they want more information). If they can replicate the problem, it's sent on the to developers; if they can't, that's likely the end of it.

    You might want to contact Quicken Support, so someone can go through troubleshooting steps to try to resolve your situation or document it if they conclude it's a problem their connectivity team needs to work on. (Phone support is closed until Tuesday, but the advantage of phone support over chat support is that the agent can connect to your Quicken and see exactly what you're seeing as they direct you through troubleshooting the problem.)
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    Follow up:

    I chatted with Quicken support on September 1st and they had me ship them some log files. They said it was an error on Quicken's end and not the banks and that they were working on it.
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    Using Quicken 2019 version R21.17 build I'm having the same problem with Randolph Brooks FCU. The online balance updates but no transactions are downloaded. The web-express download completes with no error report. This issue is seen in two accounts, savings and money market. This issue was confirmed on Sep 6, 2019. Quicken support please confirm you have this for action. Thanks Don R
  • I won't hold my breath for a fix, as this has been a bug for many years as far as I know. The most annoying aspect is that there is no indication on the app that download was unsuccessful. A workaround is to login to your bank and download the transactions for the account.
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    As far as I can tell Randolph Brooks Web Connect is working properly. Using Quicken subscription version for Windows and Express Web Connect last updated October 3, 2019. Interest payments for Aug 31 and Sept 30 were downloaded. Recommend you reset your Randolph Brooks accounts one at a time. If that doesn't work you might need to reset all accounts at RB at one time then reconnect them. When reconnecting be careful to reconnect existing RB accounts and not create new ones. I you can get a Quicken support rep on the phone he or she can lead you through the process. From what I understand this is a Quicken issue and can't be resolved by RBFCU.
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