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Wells Fargo communication error CC-506 (edited)

RGBellCSI Member
For the last three days, I have been unable to communicate with Wells Fargo. I was getting error CC-506. I tried everything that was suggested online and from within Quicken. Nothing would work. I chatted with Quicken support today and was told that Express Web Connection no longer works with Wells Fargo. I had to change to Direct Connection. It now works. Quicken said that Wells Fargo will have monthly fees for Direct Connection. So far, that appears to not be correct. When changing the connection type, it created new accounts for my Checking and Savings account instead of changing the connection type for the existing accounts. It downloaded transactions for only the past 90 days, which the Quicken rep confirmed is the maximum that they are allowed to download. I could not import the missing data because the new accounts that it created have a different names than the original accounts. The rep said that other banks are also dropping Express Web connection. When I contacted Wells Fargo via email they didn't say anything about changing the connection requirements and just referred me to Quicken. Bottom line - don't waste your time trying to get Express Web connection to work.


  • DeepDiver
    DeepDiver Member ✭✭
    My Express Web still works altho it was intermittent earlier. I was previously told there was a $3/mo fee for using Direct Connect.
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