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Display problems caused by R19.44 patch continue after R20.15 'resolution' of display problems

Display issues from Quicken for Windows update 19.44 patch release continue AFTER release R20.15 is supposed to have fixed them (per Quicken Administrator / Moderator Sarah did July 16th.) https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7854639/fyi-display-changes-after-quicken-for-windows-19-44-patch-release?

I've installed release R20.15 through R21.16 and I'm still having the same display problems since installing release R19.44. I have no idea why Quicken believes the R20.15 release has fixed the problems! Bottom half of pulldown menus at top of the display display window are still not visible. Bottom half of Search box at top is still not visible, making it impossible to see any text entered into the the Search window.

I previously tried the fixes suggested after R19.44 caused the display problems back in June and have been living with display disruptions since then. Any other ideas on how to fix?

I hope Quicken plans to implement display fixes beyond those they have already deployed. It's frustrating to have minor upgrades cause significant disruptions to everyday usability of the product. It's also frustrating to hear that problems are 'resolved' when they are still clearly evident.

[I'm using Quicken Premier for Windows / Windows 7]


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    I didn't read anything in the statement to indicate all display issues from R19.44 were resolved by R20.15.  In fact, we were asked to create new posts to describe any issues that still persisted.  The issue Quicken has calculating where to locate the selection menu have been reported by other users and appears to be prevalent on displays with a vertical resolution near Quicken's lower limit of 768.
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