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I have an account that says I have transactions to review but don't find any.

Actually 2 accounts that way now - I have gone thru the entries and everything showing has been reviewed. Unable to reset accounts due to this error

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  • If you do not have a backup to restore, Quicken has a built-in utility, Validate, that will correct many data integrity issues. Please note this does not correct all issues and these steps should be taken if the other steps outlined did not resolve the problem.

    Choose the File menu > File Operations > Copy.
    Accept all defaults and click OK.
    Open the New Copy when prompted.
    Choose the File menu > File Operations > Validate.
    Select the new copy created in step 2 and click OK.

    During this step I was not able to open the New Copy - however when I opened the original the problem was resolved. Had to do this twice, once for each account. Currently running the validate on the original file which did find some issues that don't appear related. Thanks!!!!
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