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BofA Slow to Respond

In trying to update my BofA accounts I get to the part where I'm to get a code from BofA. The code comes, but not within the 10 minute time frame that is required. Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a Quicken problem or (I'm guessing this is more likely) a BofA issue? Anyone?


  • FYI I was trying to redo our account because things weren't working, so this is in the set up of an account. I still can't set it up: no code is arriving at all now. I guess I'll have to enter everything manually and reconcile manually as well. No clue why the code isn't getting sent.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Sounds like you need to talk to BofA support, since it's their service which isn't sending the code.
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