Why are downloaded transactions "Uncategorized" that formerly were categorized correctly?

Yet when I click on it the correct category is shown as an alternative. If it knows that much, why isn't it using that category to start with? Quicken support suggested Restoring from a January auto backup, but then I'll lose this year's data, won't I?

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  • Thanks for quick reply and background/perspective. I’ll stick for now and hope it gets fixed.
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    I wish I had the problem you have described of Quicken showing transactions as Uncategorized instead of using the prior categorization. The behavior with Quicken auto-populating the Category field is exactly the behavior I currently experience everyday and wish to avoid. There are many other people on this website that have the same complaint and would love to have all transactions show as Uncategorized. (In fact, if you run a few searches on this website you will find MANY posts taking the opposite position of those wanting the categories to repeat.)
    I dont know how many transactions you typically make every month but just to make clear how big of problem it is for many of us, every month I have at least 100-150 transactions. And every month 98-99% (no exaggeration) of all transactions are grossly incorrect. That forces me to manually correct every one I find incorrect. (and there-in lies the rub). Now one might say "well most of mine" get categorized correctly and 98% incorrect is better than 100% incorrect (uncategorized) but consider this. When a transaction shows up "Uncategorized" it is blatantly and obviously wrong and needs to be corrected. But when every transaction auto-populates it is not immediately obvious which transactions are incorrect and must be manually verified and corrected which takes an exhorbitant amount of time. And since it is not obvious which are incorrect it is easy to miss them when a substantial portion are correct.
    And to make matters worse I have found that at times if a transaction "Auto-matches/Auto-transfers" and auto-categorizes at the same time it is not possible to Reject the Match, correct the category and manually rematch the 2 transactions.
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    I'm not sure if this will help, but I have both problems and have one suggestion for you. Some of my transactions come in "Uncategorized" which is annoying, but some come in incorrectly categorized, which is even more annoying, as you point out. Here's the thing, for me, whenever they come in incorrectly categorized, they come in as a primary category, not a subcategory. That is, many of mine come in under "Food and Dining" for example, but I have subcategories like "restaurants" that they should be filed under. Because they come in in the primary category, this allows you to run a report searching only for items in those primary categories (uncheck the sub-categories in Customization). You will then be able to find those transactions with incorrect categories. It may not work for all items or for everybody, but it works for about 90% of them for me, I guess since I have so many subcategories. Anyhow, just a suggestion.


    PS You can also run a report for all of the "Uncategorized" just to make sure you catch them all.
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    @KevinB A post by Quicken Mac product manager Marcus in another thread earlier this year suggests what you can do to disable auto-categorization:
    Go to Preferences : Connected Services and uncheck "Automatically improve the quality of downloaded payee names and categories". This turns off all auto-categorization and payee re-naming.  You'll get the raw data from the bank. Also note that if you create your own categories or started with categories from 2007, we can't auto-categorize them because we have no idea what your categories are and how to map them to the data we're getting from Intuit.  If you use the default Quicken categories, they are all pre-mapped to Intuit category mappings and the categorization is pretty good for the most part.
    He further explained:
    If you don't like the Quicken default category names then rename them.  For example, if you don't like Food & Dining: Fast Food then rename it to something else and move it to another location.  For example, you could move Fast Food under a new category called Discretionary and then rename it to "Greasy Places I Shouldn't Eat" and when McDonald's get downloaded Quicken's auto-categorization engine will auto-categorize it under "Greasy Places I shouldn't Eat". Under-the-hood there is a code assigned to that category which allows auto-categorization to work so even if you've change the name it will continue to work.  But it won't work if you delete it.  Just a suggestion until we have memorized transactions.

    So first, I'd turn off the Preference setting and see how that does for you. You'll lose Quicken's attempts to clean up downloaded Payee names -- but now that you can create your own renaming rules for Payees, this shouldn't be a problem.

    The alternative you could try is creating a few of your own categories similar to but different from Quicken's defaults; according to what he says, they won't be auto-categorized. (If this works to your satisfaction, then you could create more categories, and also work to change past transactions to use your new categories -- but don't go down that road until you're convinced this accomplishes what you want.)
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