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Bill Pay

This discussion was created from comments split from: Quicken Bill Pay Turns Itself On ... Again.


  • I just discovered that Quicken bill pay is taking money from my account. I never signed up for it, never used it and don't want it. I'm really frustrated that I can't do anything until Tues. because of the Labor Day holiday.
  • I bought the premier subscription primarily because I wanted to pay bills directly from Quicken. Unfortunately, it's not possible to get bill pay set up. First I was told it would take 2 or 3 business days. When I followed up a few days later, I was told 10 days. When I followed up again, at 12 days, I was told I needed to email copies of my social security card, drivers license, a current utility bill, and a voided check in order to get set up. First of all, it's been 12 business days since I enrolled and this is the first I'm hearing about the need to email documents. Second, they want me to email documents that can be used to steal my identity by anyone who intercepts the email. Seriously? NO, I don't think so. Very disappointed, but my next step is to cancel my subscription and see if Quicken honors their try-it-risk-free-for-30-days promise!
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