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How does Quicken determine what account is used for a ‘large deposit’?

I am a PNC Bank employee and my paycheck goes directly into my PNC checking account. I have a Chase credit card setup to drawn payments from my checking account. When my paycheck comes in, Quicken sends me an alert saying a large deposit was posted to my Chase account- which is totally wrong.


  • GeoffG
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    It sounds as if you have an alert setup that is not correct. To check, go to Tools>Alerts Center and expand on each of the topics to see if you can spot the erroneous setting.
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  • I have checked my alerts. I am not sure what an ‘erroneous’ alert setting would be. Today, I received another alert: my mortgage payment is from one PNC account to another, the Quicken alert said it was a large transaction for my Lowe’s account.
  • UKR
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    Are you Syncing to Mobile / Web?
    If yes, have you set up any Alerts as part of the Sync process? AFAIK, that's where alert emails usually come from.
    If you don't want alert emails, turn them off.
    If you want them, but they are incorrect, please contact Quicken Support. That's something for the programmers to look at.
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    just based on your user name - going off topic -
    wonder what computer stuff you work with..
    My last world was the IBM mainframe, with Assembler, COBOL, CICS, IMS, etc....
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