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Web app thinks I've signed on with a MAC

I've just tried to sign on to app.quicken.com from my Windows 10 desktop and I've been presented with the message in the image. I've signed on many times with this device before.


  • Hello Davidlambert,

    Sorry, you have yet to receive a response.

    I was able to locate the cloud account associated with your Quicken ID and I do see that the dataset available is a Windows data set.

    I would first, go to "Feedback" in the bottom right-hand corner and report this to the mobile team.

    I would then verify that the steps to set up mobile/web sync have been completed.

    I would then click on the "D" in the bottom left-hand corner and see if you are able to select the synced file to open it on the Web companion.

    Let us know how it goes!
  • davidlambertdavidlambert Canada Beta Beta
    edited September 2019
    Regarding your first suggestion, I did go to the 'Feedback' link and report the issue.

    In regard to your second suggestion, I have already been through this process and have successfully used the web app and Mobile app over the course of the previous year or more, both with the regular version of Quicken for Windows and the Quicken for Windows Beta, for which I am a tester. I am currently only syncing the file from the Beta version so as not to create any issues with my release version files. I know I have the option as to which file is opened when I log in to the mobile or web app.

    For the third suggestion, Please see video clip below that follows me through opening the web app and clicking on the “D” as you suggest. There is no file listed for me to open, I assume because the app presumes it is open but the wrong format.


    I appreciate your help. It’s not critical as I don’t rely on the mobile or web apps to get things done but do occasionally use the mobile app with my phone to record transactions while away from home. For the record, the mobile app is also requesting me to go to the desktop first and enable my finances for Quicken mobile access.
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