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Closed 401k account still appears

I am using Quicken Premier 2019. I closed a 401k account in April via rollover. I closed the account in Quicken after entering the rollover transaction, so the account balance is zero. Online Services are disabled because the account is closed. The boxes to hide the account in the account bar and account list are checked. But the account still shows up in the Investment Account Activity box on my home screen. I have other 401k and investment accounts that are closed are they don't appear. I can't see anything different about this one except that it's the only one from this year.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get this to actually hide?


  • jr7107
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    I just checked that view, and I attempted to configure it but all of my hidden investment accounts show there as well. I don't use that feature, I just use the Portfolio View so I have never noticed it before. Interesting that it shows hidden accounts. So short answer, not sure how to hide them in that view.
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