After update to Version R21.17 Build, Quicken crashes on almost every action

I updated then opened Quicken. I needed to create a new paycheck and delete an existing paycheck. After clicking the Delete button, Quicken crashed. After reopening Quicken, the paycheck was deleted. I created my new paycheck. When I clicked Done, Quicken crashed. I reopened Quicken, and the new paycheck was present. I needed to edit the paycheck. I made the edit then clicked Done. Quicken crashed. I opened Quicken and the edit was in place. I attempted to enter the paycheck into my register, and Quicken crashed. When I reopened Quicken, the paycheck was not entered. I attempted to do one-step update. Quicken crashed immediately. This is becoming nearly routine after these updates.

Is this a known issue, and has anyone found a workaround or solution?

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