A way to edit or delete items on the mobile app's payee memorized list.

The previously created list of payees seems to be uneditable. Its the same list used on the online app... not the same list (ctrl-m) used in the desktop version.


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    Hello @Paul H. Borisoff

    Thank you for taking the time to share your question with the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    Unfortunately, the payee list is unable to be edited in the Mobile/Web Apps and if changes do need to be made to the memorized transactions, I recommend performing the changes in the desktop version, then syncing the changes to the Mobile/Web apps.

    The list of payees that appears in both the companion Mobile and Web Apps should match the list of payees from the synced data file in the Quicken desktop product version.  If there is a discrepancy, I would recommend reviewing the information and steps available here to resolve the discrepancy and ensure the data is accurate and matches across all platforms.

    I hope this information is helpful and please let us know if there are further questions/concerns.

    Thank you,

  • Sarah, I completed all the steps of signing out... etc, exactly as directed. In addiction, I cleared the data in the app in the storage section of the app in the app manager. As I aforementioned, the memorized payee list is unique to the quicken for windows and has nothing to do with the simple cloud list that is shared by the mobile app and the on-line quicken application.

    The memorized Transaction list (control-t) has different names and other content such as category and amount information.

    The payee list was/is created on the fly as one uses the app and contains unique spelling errors typical of the mobile phone and use of the clumbsy keypad and error correction.

    The last sync date was correct and updates regularly. Certain entries in the memorized transaction list were deleted and noted. I signed out and such as stated... The cloud reset and the cloud payee list and memorized transaction list in quicken for windows remain uniquely different. So I guess its time for Quicken to find a way to clear the list. There are no sync issues. The payee lists, windows and cloud are apples and oranges; different and apparently unrelated.
  • I just spent an hour with tech support. We "cleaned" the file and reset everything... The cloud and mobile app payee list is unique and different than the memorized transaction list. I am now going to a higher level of support where it is said they may have tools to modify or delete the payee list on the back end of your server. There seems not to be any user access to modify the app list. I'll let you know what becomes of this.
  • OKAY!!!! Spent the couple hours with Barbara and a Level 2. We discovered after test after test after test... that if a transaction exists in the register, the quicken will continue to show that payee in the mobile app and online app...
    e.g. 12 transactions to McDonald's Restaurant and 1 transaction to McDonald's will produce to items on the Mobile App and Online App payee lists. Neither needs to be on the Memorized Transaction List which bears no responsibility for list in the mobile app or online app. When the single McDonald's entry in the pc software, mobile app or online app is changed to Mcdonald's Restaurant, then the "McDonald's" Payee List item disappears from the mobile and online apps... This will also be updated if a new year-end file copy is created and the transactions which possess different names fall off and do not show in the following year.

    Sarah... this should be written up in the form of an faq as it has been the subject of many many many tech support cases.

    Actually, the programmers were very clever!
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