Has anyone had a problem exporting and importing QIF files from an old database to a new one?

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My old database of 30+ years is corrupted. I created a new database and am trying to import the old database transactions into the new one. The Etrade investment files came over without past purchase data. Only the reinvestment dividends and cash dividends came through. A placeholder was made for the sum of the purchased shares. In one account I entered the few purchase transactions and the placeholder went away when the total number of shares in the different transactions equaled the placeholder shares. Quicken said this is the way you have to do it???!!!!! Does anyone have an alternate method to enter the purchase transactions into the new database? I am considering something like a spreadsheet export of the purchases from the old database, then manually entering the purchase transactions into the account(s) in the new database. This is important to me because I need a record to compute my tax basis from when those stocks or funds are eventually sold.
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