Who do I contact to correct an Error OL-392-A message - my bank or Quicken?

I continue to get the Error OL-392-A message when I attempt to perform an update telling me it has been too long since my last update (June 2019). I don't know how to get this corrected. Any advice would be most helpful. Thanks


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  • I've tried multiple times to access the above website link, but continue to get "Permission Problem: You don't have permission to do that". I've tried looking at other users' threads to see if I can glean the answer, but no one seems to have the fix. What next?
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    The post was archived. Here's UKR's instruction:

    Reset your account Starting Date for downloaded transactions.

    1. Go to the Online Center by selecting the Tools menu > Online Center.
    2. In the Online Center hold down the Ctrl key and click Contact Info.
    3. In the Refresh Online Transaction Information window, choose the account you are having problems downloading a full range of transactions.
    4. Click on the Reset DTSTART button.
      Warning: Using this function resets Quicken's list of last downloaded transactions. This means that after this button is reset, it is possible you will download several duplicate transactions.
    5. Choose the earliest date of a transaction you are missing and click OK.
    6. Click on the Refresh button.
    7. Attempt to download again.
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  • Tried this procedure twice, but I still get the OL-362-A error message. I used June 26, 2019 since that is the last date the Direct Connect shows my account was updated. I'm at a loss, however, thanks so much for your help.
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