ezcardinfo.com - repeatedly locks my account - authentication ?

This is basically the same complaint as https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7793756/ezcardinfo-com-repeatedly-locks-my-account, which was never answered.

A Visa account serviced by ezcardinfo.com used to download fine into Windows Quicken Premier R21.17 (just updated today). At some point in time, when I try to update the account, it activates the account security and fails. When I login to the website, my account is locked, and I need to call their support and have it unlocked. All is fine until the next Quicken attempt, then Lock City.

I can get around this by downloading transactions directly, but this seems like a problem for lots of folks and is sure not how this is supposed to work. Smells like the security questions are not being handled by Quicken correctly.

Any ideas?

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