Servers down, credentials lost, all custom entries lost...[edited]

I would like to know why last week everything in Quicken worked fine and this week on Friday it said the server was down and now I have to re-enter down load info. The problem is the new downloads have ruined any changes I made to entries. (removed language) Can anyone help!


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    There was an outage of a Quicken server on Friday for a few hours. It's pretty much a fact of life that every online service -- from Google to Facebook to financial institutions to Quicken -- can have unscheduled outages from time to time. I don't recall this problem with Quicken before; I haven't seen them post any post mortem information to explain what happened.

    I'm not able to help regarding your downloaded transactions. Are you saying you got downloads that duplicated ones you had previously downloaded and edited? Are you not able to delete the duplicates? Did this affect multiple financial institutions for you, or a single account?
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    I had a chance to look it over this evening and what happened was most transactions duplicated themselves or if I had deleted them they reappeared. It was not bad it only back 90 days. It was little shocking at first as I have years of data.
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