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Quicken for Mac 2007 will not open ANY file

When I tried to open my Quicken file this afternoon I got the error message that the file could not be opened. I am running High Sierra 10.13.6 and have had no problems, except for the automatic backup issue, until now. I backup the computer via Time Capsule. I attempted to open a TC back up from August, but that failed, too. I found the solution in Quicken Support that calls for locating the Quicken data.qdfm file (press Control, show Package Contents, etc.) That did not work. I then opened a data file from Dec. 2018 on my previous computer. I made a copy of that file, loaded it onto a thumb drive and transferred it to my current computer. Quicken cannot open that file either.

Any ideas what the real problem might be and how recover?

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  • LeslieC208LeslieC208 Member ✭✭
    Thanks, Jacob. I will try that. Hope it works.
  • LeslieC208LeslieC208 Member ✭✭
    No luck. I restored the Quicken 2007 application from the backup, but it still will not open any files. Any other ideas?
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Well, I'm afraid something just doesn't add up. If your Quicken 2007 was working okay, and you have now restored from backups a copy of the Quicken 2007 application and a copy of the data file that was working okay, and it doesn't work, I'm at a loss for what's going wrong.

    But I hate to give up. ;) So let's take one more stab at this…

    First, let's make sure you're not inadvertently storing your Quicken data file in iCloud. Go to System Preferences > iCloud and see if iCloud Drive is checked. If it is, click on Options and see if Desktop & Dcouments Folder is checked. If so, your Mac is storing the contents of your Desktop fodler and your Documents folder on iCloud, not your local hard drive, and this can cause problems for Quicken. If you find this is the case, see what happens if you restre a Time Machine backup of your data file and place it somewhere other than one of those two folders -- for instance in your User folder, create a new folder called Quicken and place the data file there. (You can later turn off having your folders store in iCloud, but there can be some additional steps necessary if you do that, so let's skip over those issues for now.) Once you have a fresh backup installed in your User > Quicken folder, open your Applicaitons folder and drag the restored Quicken data file onto Quicken.app in  he Applications folder. Does it open the file? 

    If that didn't work, let's try something else.Can you try opening Quicken 2007 without opening any data file: hold down the Option key while double-clicking the Quicken.app application in the Applications folder. Does it launch and ask you to choose the data file you want to open? If you click Cancel in that dialog box, then select File > New, does it let you create a new data file from scratch? Can you create such a file, then quit Quicken, then double-click on the new data file, and have Quicken launch and open your test data file? If yes, this helps prove that there's no problem with the Quicken application itself.

    So if that works, then the focus needs to be on your Quicken data file. I'd go to your Time Machine backup, and pick out a data file that goes back to early August or July or earlier -- just to test. Restore that data file. Drag it over the Quicken icon in the applications folder. Does it open?

    If that fails, I have one more suggestion to try. In System Preferences > Users & Groups, create a new User on your Mac. You can call it Test, and you'll be able to get rid of it after testing. Click on Login Options on the bottom of the list of users and click the option to "Show fast user switching menu as Full Name" if it isn't checked already. Go to your Time Machine again, and again retrive a backup file from more than a month ago. Don't try to open it. Place this data file in your Shared folder (open Macintosh HD > Users and drop it in Shared). Now, from the User menu on the right side of your top menu bar, switch to your new, test user account and login. Navigate to Macintosh HD > Users > Shared and drag the Quicken data file to your desktop. Open your Applications folder, and drag the restored data file over Quicken.app. Does Quicken open the file? If yes, then this shows there is something in your regular user account which is interfering with Quicken opening your data file. (That seems unlikely if you were able to create a new data file and re-open it, but we're just trying to eliminate variables to zero in on the problem.)
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  • LeslieC208LeslieC208 Member ✭✭
    Thank you for sticking with me on this! But still no luck. This is what I did:
    1. I checked to see if Desktop & Documents Folder was being saved to iCloud. It was/is NOT.

    2. I tried placing a new backup data file in a folder in my Home folder and then dragged the file onto the Quicken 2007.app in the Applications folder. There was a flash and then a few seconds later a dialog box that said Quicken had "closed unexpectedly." I clicked on Reopen; it asked me what file to open; I chose the new backup and it said "unable to open."

    3. I moved on to your next suggestion to see if I could open Quicken 2007 without a data file. I held down the option key, double clicked on the Quicken.app in the applications folder. It launched and asked what file to open. I canceled, went to File>New. I named the new file QuickenTest and clicked on Continue. It said it was unable to create the file. I click on Ok (or whatever the only choice was) and the New Account Assistant opened to the Financial Institutions page - no lift of institutions. I chose "not held at a financial institution" and clicked on Continue. I chose Cash as the account type; entered 500.00 as the ending balance and clicked on Continue. A box appeared that said "no more accounts available." I clicked OK. The box came up that said Quicken had quit unexpectedly.

    Just for fun I opened the report and took a screenshot of the beginning of the report. I think I have included the screenshot in case you see something in it that might mean something to you.

    That's as far as I got with your suggestions since the program itself would not let me create a file. Shall I try the parts that focus on the data file itself?

    Between my post yesterday and your answer, I tried converting a Quicken 2007 backup to Quicken 2017. It was not successful. My old Quicken 2017 file will still open so that program seems to work, it just won't convert the 2007 file.

    I'm open to any other suggestions you have. I am really grateful for your help.
  • LeslieC208LeslieC208 Member ✭✭
    Just happened to think -- am I restoring the application and backups correctly? I have been going back in Time Machine to some date where I know everything was ok (for the application I've gone back a year or more). I click once on the file and then click on Restore. It does its thing and for the application asks if I want to keep the old app or remove it. I have chosen each time to remove it. It "copies" the app to the Applications folder and -- that's it. Right? The datafile restoration is similar. Is there anything that needs to be done with old preferences or hidden files like that?
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I don't know why your Quicken 2007 would crash creating a new file if you're using a restored backup version of the application that worked fine previously.

    I would suggest going ahead and trying what I suggested in the last paragraph of my previous post: creating a new User account on your Mac and trying to use Quicken 2007 there. Just try creating the account, switching to it, and launching Quicken 2007 (without installing the data file yet). Does it allow you to create a new data file and enter some dummy transactions successfully? If so, that seems to suggest some preference setting in your regular user account is causing the problem. (I'm just not aware of preferences that would do that… but there's always something new to learn!)
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  • LeslieC208LeslieC208 Member ✭✭
    Still no success. I created the new user. I restored a fresh copy of the Quicken 2007 application. I restored a fresh copy of the data from July. I put the data file in the Shared file. I went to the new user account. When I tried to launch Quicken it said it was "not optimized for this computer." It eventually gave me a window that had "Quicken Personal Finance Software 2007 for Mac" in the title bar. There was also a progress bar outlined in blue in the center of the otherwise blank window. There were two buttons, but only Cancel could be chosen. Waited for 15-20 minutes to see if something was going on in the background, but there was no change.

    I tried all of that several times with the same results. I also tried placing the data file on top of the application and had the same results. I cannot get far enough into the program to be able to set up a new file.

    When I went back to my regular user account it still would not open the file, but it also did not present the blank window as it did in the new user account. It lets me attempt set up a new file, but ultimately will not accept it. So I'm getting different behaviors in the two user accounts, but neither allow me to use the program.

    I have checked the App Store and nothing has been updated within the last 30 days (until Safari was updated in the background today). I use Norton Security, but I have been for months with no ill effects with any program. i can't think of any other changes that might have occurred around the time that Quicken failed.

    Again, I really appreciate your help. Guess I'd better start printing out everything I can from Quicken on my old computer.... And figure out some alternative.
  • LeslieC208LeslieC208 Member ✭✭
    YES! It works in Safe Mode! Yay! I was able to create a new file in my regular user account. I was able to open the data file from my old computer from December. And I was able to open a fresh backup from August 13.

    What does all that mean? Some kind of conflict somewhere, but ...?
  • LeslieC208LeslieC208 Member ✭✭
    After reading more about Safe Mode, I restarted the computer, launched Quicken 2007 and it opened right up. Looks like YOU and Safe Mode solved the problem!

    Thanks for all your time and for sticking with me. You have no idea how grateful I am.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Leslie, Yay that you got it working! Usually if you can do something in Safe Mode but not normally, it means something in your set-up/configuration/preferences is causing the problem -- but it's often hard to pin down exactly what. I've heard of problems caused by firewall settings or by extensions installed by other programs. I'm not sure why running Quicken in Safe Mode once and then booting up normally would restore it to working, but I say since it's working now, I wouldn't spend more time trying to diagnose what was going wrong before. 
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