Importing data file from a newer version to an older version?

Can I use my data file (or a backup data file) from a newer version of Quicken to an older version?


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    Generally, no.  However, the Quicken data file schema hasn't changed significantly between 2016 and the current subscription (2019 R21.17) which should mean we may interchange data files between these versions.
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    Hi @ealvin45 ,

    The Quicken Data File can only be shared between Quicken 2016, Quicken 2017 and Quicken Subscription programs without problems.
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    Prior to QW2016, every version of Quicken used a slightly different file format and you could not go backwards.
    The closest you can do is to export the data into a .QIF format file and import it back in to the earlier version, BUT it is a lot of work, requires a lot of fixing of transfers.
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  • Thanks to everyone for your great help.
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    I'm a long time satisfied Quicken user. I've now discovered that the company has gone to a yearly subscription model. I only use Q to print checks and to reconcile my checkbook. I don't download bank data or anything beyond that.

    For my needs I assume I'd likely use The Starter edition. is that correct? However, that's still isn't inexpensive at $35 plus a year.

    One thought could be to find a slightly older CD that doesn't have a subscription attached? Would that work?

    I welcome any ideas and thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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    What version of Quicken are you currently using?
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    What version are you currently using?  If you don't download transactions now why do you want to get a newer version?  Are you having problems?

    Is your version before 2013?  You should at least try to convert to the 2013 version since you don’t use any online services or download transactions now. Starting in 2014 they instituted an ID password to get into your own data. I’m staying on 2013. 

    You can download 2013 for free (I think it's the Deluxe version) using this how to convert article.  It’s under Converting from Quicken 2004-2009. 

    And FYI - If your Quicken was before 2010 you should have several files making up the data.

    The main data file ends in .QDF.  All Quicken versions prior to QW2010 store your data in a series of files all sharing the same filename but with different extensions like  - .QDF .IDX, .QEL, .QPH  and all 4 of those files were rolled into a single-file .QDF starting in 2010. 

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    BTW, the subscription Starter Edition goes into a manual, READ-ONLY mode when the subscription expires, SO, SE is definitely not what you want.  The other editions just go into a manual mode with an irksome panel which covers about 20% of the screen similar to the size of the Account Bar which is a permanent nag to renew the subscription.

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    ealvin45 said:
    Can I use my data file (or a backup data file) from a newer version of Quicken to an older version?
    In your series of related postings - you still have not mentioned which version of Quicken you are using.... it would make the answering process a lot easier -
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  • I was wondering the same thing. I "upgraded" from 2017 to 2019 a few days ago and am regretting it. Just got off the phone with support after having the sync process corrupt my checking account ledger and problems with Quicken not starting when I click the icon until after a reboot. The not starting thing is still occurring until I reboot each time I want to start it. I also am not happy with losing Bill Reminder functionality. Their "improvements" are bad. Each new version is worse than the last.
  • Thanks for your help. I was using Deluxe 2015 but I couldn't get it to load. Getting frustrated I decided to just download the Starter version. It converted fine. Then I received an email making me aware that I had signed up for a subscription -- which was a surprise.

    I'd be fine with my 2015 if I could get it to work on my new computer. Am I correct in thinking a version of 17 and 18 would backword convert my new 19 data (and I could cancel that sub)? Or, possibly find another 15 or 16 non-sub CD that could convert my 15 data?

    Thanks again for your help and I look forward to more great counsel from you.
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    Why can't you get Quicken Deluxe 2015 to load on your new computer? FWIW, if you did, you would need your data file from the last time you used 2015. Quicken 2016, 2017 and Subscription (2018 and later) all have the same data file. You would need to look on eBay or maybe Amazon for a copy of 2016 or 2017. Just be aware that there are a lot of scammers selling fake software.
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    You have stated the error message that is preventing you from installing QW2015.
    Start with that and maybe someone can help you get it up and running.
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