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Remove a financial institution without removing or deactivating an account

During the repeated failures of Quicken to connect with my bank over the last couple of years, at one point Quicken support told me to create a new online account for my bank. I did and it worked with the new "Financial Institution". Unfortunately, the old "Financial Institution" (FI) still exists in Quicken and Quicken defaults to that listing whenever I try to pay bills. I cannot deactivate the accounts associated with the old FI because they are still in use (and connected to the new FI for that bank). Quicken support tells me deactivating and reactivating the accounts will not fix the issue with two FI's associated with those accounts. Quicken support finally told me there is no solution to this problem unless I get enough votes here to motivate their team to look into the problem as a "new feature". I see it as a bug, not a new feature, but would appreciate if you would vote for the idea so that perhaps it will get fixed. Thanks!
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  • Jim_HarmanJim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
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    First let's make sure we have the terminology straight. You can't create or remove Financial Institutions (FIs). A Financial Institution (FI) is an entity like a bank or brokerage firm. 

    In Quicken there are Accounts, where each Account should correspond to one real life account. You can have multiple real life accounts at one or more FIs. You can have multiple Quicken Accounts, each with a corresponding real life account.  

    Quicken Accounts can be connected to their corresponding real life accounts for transaction downloading, and, if the bank supports it, bill paying.

    It sounds like you have two Accounts in Quicken (let's call them "Old" and "New") but you only want to have one, and you would like to be able to see your banking transactions in this account and use it for bill paying. Is that correct?

    And do you currently have one real life account at your bank or two?
    -- Jim QWin Premier subscription
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