This is how the mobile and online app's payee lists are updated and cleaned out.

The payee lists for these apps are produced on the fly as you type and create payees for transactions. Sometime, in particular with a cell phone, errant misspelled and miss-titled entries are created. Repairing or removing these entries cannot be done with the Memorized Transaction List (Ctl-T) in the desktop program. The list in the app reflects current payee entries that exist in your current register. I learned, with the help of level 2 tech support, that if a misspelled entry exit in the list, it is because a misspelled transactions still reside in your current register. So it it necessary to search the register, find the transaction and correct the name in the payee field. Then the errant payee item in the payee list will fall off. Left as they are, at year end and with the creation of a new file that does not contain the misspells, the items with be removed by the app.
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