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Quicken Connect is not downloading my Chase Accounts

I deactivated and activated again - no error is displayed. It shows downloaded 0. I know I have missing transactions not downloaded over the last few days. Can I specifically download and import into Quicken the last few days' transactions?

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  • Hello Vikas,

    I can help you with that!

    What you will want is to download a QFX file from Chase.

    First, go to Chase.com and select the account you would like to download. There will be a download icon in the right-hand corner above where the transaction list starts.

    Be sure to select "Quicken Web Connect (QFX)" choose a date range from the activity and choose what date range you would like to download.

    Select "Download" to download the file.

    In Quicken, the account will need to be deactivated prior to importing the file.

    To deactivate go to Settings > Troubleshooting> Deactivate downloads.

    Then go to File > Import> Bank or Brokerage File (OFX, QFX)

    This will open up the File Finder, go to 'Downloads' and look for the QFX file.

    Let me know how it goes!
  • Vikas Bhatnagar
    Vikas Bhatnagar Member ✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Thanks! I was able to use Direct Connect
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