Could you please fix TWAIN scanning

I have an HP CX410e with a TWAIN driver that works in all other software except Quicken. What happens is I can successfully scan once, but when I got to do it again, the scanner TWAIN screen will not pop up until I close Quicken and open it again. It worked perfectly in the "non-subscription" version of Quicken Deluxe, but does not work in the current one. I have programmed with TWAIN previously, and it is effectively loading a DLL and starting it, but if you do not destruct the connection to the DLL after the scan, it will not let you start it again. This may be a start in what to look at.


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Have you tried downloading/installing the latest driver from HP for your Printer/scanner/copier?
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  • Yes, and I also uninstalled and reinstalled it.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Is there an alternate driver for your HP scanner? Mine offers the choice of TWAIN or WIA.

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  • Mine does not offer the WIA option, only TWAIN.
  • Mine offers both but when I select the Twain driver it tells me scanner not found.
  • Yep, for me the TWAIN works, but only once until I close Quicken and reopen it, and then it works once again. Gets a BIT annoying.
  • Paul Freedman
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    I have the same problem. I can scan once but the scan does not work on the next document and fails with an error. This is only in Quicken (2019). Also while you are at it, try allowing multiple page documents to be scanned in. It is a pain to have a 4 page statement from a bank and have to scan it in 4 times to get each page.
  • flownwolf
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    For me, the TWAIN scanning page does not even come up again after scanning once and closing the window, without closing and re-opening Quicken. I click on scan from scanner, select TWAIN and hit OK, the Quicken dialog closes and nothing happens.
  • UKR
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    Quicken, at best, is a very lightweight application to manage documents attached to accounts or transactions. It lacks most all of the functionality to manage documents once scanned into your Quicken data file (e.g., copy, print, delete multiple documents, etc.).
    IMHO, you should use a more robust document management software application to manage your documents. Until you do or until Quicken is improved to better manage scanned documents, I advise you to retain all your paper documents in a file folder, shoe box, file cabinet, etc., in case you ever need them again for whatever the reason.
  • flownwolf
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    Ok, first, I have been using Quicken since 1996, so I know it well. The scanning app worked up until the "subscription" version came out recently. The previous versions have worked for years. One of the KEY reasons for using this that that I do not need to keep paper copies. The above message was the standard blow off email of "we don't have time to deal with this". If this is a blow off, I am seriously considering going with something else.
  • Snowman
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    You are better off doing scanning etc outside of Quicken.  You will need software to convert files if needed to PDF files and Acrobat Reader to read the files of some other software to create them.  Since I am a photographer Adobe Acrobat is part of my Creative Cloud subscription so I use that.  There are a number of other software packages that will do this.  I went "paperless" 13 years ago and this is what I do.

    In the cases where there are online statements available (bank, investment, credit card, mortgage etc) I save a copy of that statement as a PDF.  I then created a file structure for this on my main NAS drive.  I then copy the pdf to the appropriate directory and rename the file.  For example 2019-08 World Bank Statement.pdf.  I put the date in this format at the beginning because then the files will be sorted in date order.  The main folder would be called World Bank and under it would be a folder for each year 2019, 2020, 2021 and so on.  I have statements going back to 2009.

    The sky's the limit for what  you can put there.  I would suggest sitting down with a pad of paper and pencil and plan out the best filing hierarchy that will work for you.

    Up until this year I had an all in one scanner/fax/copier/printer.  It worked ok but when it died I replaced it with color printer and a separate dedicated Epson DS780N scanner.  It can scan all manner of paper documents one or two sided up to 30 pages (60 if double sided) at one time.

    In this manner EVERYTHING is in one place and you do not need to have Quicken involved at all.  Every day at 1AM the NAS drive backups up to another NAS drive and once a month I take a copy to a safe deposit box and swap it for the backup that was there from the previous month,  for that  third layer of extra protection. 
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