Two recurring Issues

1. When will Quicken finally fix the issue with the proper auto-placement of decimal? It's set properly in Preferences and it does work as expected in all of the registers. However, it does NOT work in the bill pay dialogs nor in reconciliation. This has been an issue for as long as I can remember; yet it works fine in the Mac versions.
2. On the initial launch of the Bills & Income tab, it takes a LLOONNGG time to open to the list of bills. Often lately, the OS brings up a dialog telling me the program in not responding and gives me two options. This issue has been chronic since I started using the subscription version of Quicken about a year ago. It does seem that after the initial opening of that tab, when you do go back to it, it is quicker. But the 1st opening is a slug.


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    I don't have an answer for your item (1). Someone else will have to provide an answer.
    As to item (2), which of the various views are you using? And how many Reminders do you have? The more reminders to show, the longer the time period selected for display, the longer it will take to build the dialog view.
    This selection, on my known-to-be-slower-than-molasses computer, comes up quickly.
    There have been a few discussions on this subject here in the Community. I'm still waiting for the programmers to come up with revised code that performs better.
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