Fidelity NetBenefits - Error OL-295-A - might be VPN usage related



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    I tried to disable and re-enable with no luck. Has anyone from quicken chimed in on this thread? (removed)
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    Why does NetBenefits STILL show up in Online Center? I reset the account. Shouldn't I be setting up all over again?
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    I feel like I just won the lottery. I try the 'update again' button on my Fidelity and up popped a message about having to deactivate 'American Express' accounts for Quicken. I haven't used American Express since 2016, but I did still have a Quicken account for it, so I deactivated it through this process:
    Right after, I tried my Fidelity account (which I haven't been able to download transactions since 9/13/19). BAM!! All my transactions showed up. Worth a try for everyone who is still having problems...
  • That was some kind of coincidence, my access is still not working, even if I tried your workaround....
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    Hi, I've been struggling with this for 2 months... My Fidelity NetBenefits updates stopped working sometime after 03 Sep 19. All other banks etc... no issues. I kept hoping it would "fix itself" - nope OL-295-A over and over. Since I was running Quicken 2017, I even upgraded to the "subscription model" - nope, no change. I had disabled Norton, no change.

    Then today I called. Fidelity NetBenefits had no record of there being any problems with their downloads. The person was trying to be helpful but only had the script. She did lodge a ticket.

    After I got off the phone, I had the idea to also look at WebRoot which does blocking and filtering of Websites in real-time. This think has an "Identity Shield Protection" blocker which filters / prevents personal information, from being offloaded via your browser. So I disabled that option. I then reset my NetBenefits account connection in Quicken 2019 and low and behold, my updates started working again immediately.

    @(*@(*@* unbelievable -WOW.. I generally keep stuff like this OFF but they must have done some sort of update or I missed it and flipped the setting.

    So I'm suggesting you also look at anything like this sort tooling whether it be Norton, WebRoot, MalwareBytes, ... YMMV.
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    I too am getting the same error code. Haven't downloaded anything from Net Benefits since the end of August.
    I don't have a VPN either.
    I am able to download Fidelity IRA info which is actually linked at Fidelity with the 401-k account. When I use my login info I can access either account on the Fidelity website.
    Very frustrating to say the least since I have done nothing different on my end.
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    That is correct. Fidelity has been reported to work fine - it's the stuff going thru Fidelity NetBenefits that's having issue. As I stated, check your other items which may be blocking stuff... all these packages are scanning and blocking stuff. You may want to turn off stuff and retest. That's how I figured out it was WebRoot's "Identity Blocker" screwing with the connection. Peace.
  • I am running Norton Antivirus, I disabled Auto-Protect and the Smart Firewall, no change, I still get the same error. I even upgraded to the latest version of Quicken and there is not change
  • *no change*. Doesn't matter what credentials I put in either, it never even gets to establishing a connection to Netbenefits.
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    Just as a comparison -  the IP address of each entry....
    looks like totally different servers -
    07776    07776    07776    Fidelity Investments    (800) 544-7931    ACTIVE    ACCOUNTINFO,INVESTMENT&DIRECT        
    IP =

    10482    10482    10482    Fidelity NetBenefits    800-581-5800    ACTIVE    ACCOUNTINFO,INVESTMENT,401K&DIRECT  
    IP =

    BUT.... the -
    redirects to -->
    IP =

  • I tried to access my 401(k) again today, and magically it worked. No change on my site. no new software updates.
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    Bernd, glad it started working for you. I know how frustrating this process is and I hope that there is no one else experiencing this issue. I strongly believe there is nothing that you can do once the basic troubleshooting is completed, other than waiting and hoping that Fidelity does something on their end that restores it for you.

    At this point, now every time I refresh my NetBenefits data, I am half expecting it not to work, and I'm relieved when it does.
  • qNerdqNerd Member
    I just solved my problem with Fidelity NetBenefits 403(b) account.

    If your 403(b) account has multiple mutual funds in it: In Quicken, add a new account : a BROKERAGE account. Financial institution is Fideltiy NetBenefits. Next ask quicken to download transactions. It will find the 403(b) account and ask you if you want to link it to your existing account in Quicken ... say yes. All is well now.

    Bottom line appears to be that your current Quicken account thinks it is a single mutual fund, but NetBenefits thinks it's a brokerage account.
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    Having a problem with Fidelity Netbenefits 401K, the Error-OL-295-A. Today I upgraded from Quicken Premier 2017 to Quicken Premier 2020. I have 24 financial institutions that I download from, including Fidelity. All worked fine, even Fidelity Brokerage, but NOT Fidelity Netbenefits. I backed out Premier 2020 and we3nt back to Premier 2017, and Netbenefits works fine. Reinstall Premier 2020 and the OL-295 is back. I tried the above fix posted by qNerd, it did not fix anything. Not surprising since my 401K does not have any mutual funds, only stocks.
  • GEGE Member ✭✭
    Mike, THANK YOU for posting this. Fixed my same problem in Quicken 2017 R19.7.
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    I am having the same issue trying to upload from Fidelity with Quicken 2017 R19.7, but on Windows 7. I went thru all the steps (the win 7 version) mentioned by Mike, but still got the same error However, thinking back a couple of years, I thought I had had this problem before. So I checked with Fidelity.
    Their Quicken FAQ says "To use the Quicken® and QuickBooks® download services, the version being used cannot be more than three versions old."
    And I think that was why I updated to 2017, and the problem went away. So I am going to update to 2020 and see what happens. Just a thought.
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    I just upgraded from Quicken 2017 Home & Business running on Win10 Home 64-bit (all current and optional maintenance) to Quicken Premium 2020 (Version R24.11 Build The last good update for my netbenefits account was on 1/18/2020 before the upgrade.

    Before I did the Quicken version upgrade, I made a copy of the Quicken datafile and renamed it so that I could attempt to trouble shoot any issues with the upgrade. As a precaution, I also installed a copy of my 2017 Quicken Home & Business version on another computer with the backup copy of the datafile before the update.

    All my accounts are downloading just fine with the exception of the Fidelity Netbenefits account. I have performed the recommended solution listed in this thread multiple times and continue to get the same OL-295-A Error message for my Fidelity Netbenefits 401K account. Again, all other accounts are downloading just fine including my Fidelity HSA account.

    As an additional step, I did go to the other computer with the 2017 Quicken Home and Business version and tried the download of the Fidelity Netbenefits. It too fails with the OL-295-A error.

    I have tried the reset account twice. The first time it hung and I had to kill Quicken via task manager. The second time, it completed stating that it was unable to connect to Fidelity.

    Hopefully they will get this fixed in the next few days. I do not look forward to updating the price list manually and God forbid, should there be any any buy, sell, dividend actions that have to be manually entered.

    Last item. I noticed that the URL listed for the 401K in the contact information in the online center for that account is listed as (if you do not do the CTLR-SHIFT selecting contact information). I click on the link and can successfully log into the account through the Quicken Internet screen.
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