Version R19.43 (Build - What's new and changed? (Q Win Canada)

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Once again when launching Quicken it offers to update my version without any indication what what's new and changed in the new version. I'm offered the "blind" choice to either update or not, without knowing any details.

I checked and there is no mention of this version at all.

This isn't the first time I've posted about the lack of timely release notes. Can someone at Quicken please make an effort to improve the process of providing updates so that a) release notes are available when the update is available and b) change the updater to offer the end user the opportunity to see what is changing before they accept (or decline) to perform the update.

Thanks for listening, hoping to see a process change in the near future.

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  • I see that Quicken has finally updated the Release Notes link that I posted above to include the information about what has changed. Thanks Greg for pointing this out. The fact that this information was posted after the Quicken software wanted to update itself is still problematic and backwards.

    Sadly I am dismayed by the first part. First and foremost my data is NOT synced to the cloud, never will be. The day that Quicken makes an attempt to move MY data to the cloud is the day I forever stop using Quicken. My data is stored on my devices, under my control.
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    I believe that's a CYA for those that choose to sync to the Quicken Cloud. Like you, I choose not to sync.
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    Are you 100% sure that you are not syncing to Mobile / Web at all?
    While registering a data file to your Quicken ID, an often overlooked popup window has "Use Mobile" checked as the default.
    If you don't explicitly click on the "Don't use mobile" radio button, Sync will be enabled.
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