Investing account not appearing in Life Planner, Q2017, Windows 10

One of my mutual funds isn't being included in the Lifetime Planner calculations -- which means they're being underestimated by about $80K. If there's going to be an error, better in that direction than being overoptimistic... but I'd really like to fix this if I can.

I've got 8 accounts under Investing, only two of which are explicitly tagged as retirement. All but this one do show up in the Life Planner.

I did have some data problems I had to recover from a few years ago, but I don't know whether this got lost at that time, earlier, or more recently.

Any ideas on how to get the planner to re-establish its list?

Kluge-around would be to manually manage this as another asset, updating its value now and then... It looks like putting the kluge account under Separate would actually keep it from being included in my Ending Balance net-worth number, while "fixing" the planner numbers. But... Ugh. I'd much rather find a real fix.

This kind of fragility, BTW, combined with the subscription model, is why I'm seriously looking at switching to something else. Unfortunately most of the currently popular personal accounting packages are online, and I don't really trust anyone else with my data.

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