What's Happening in the Quicken Community - September '19 Edition

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October is the start of a new fiscal year for Quicken and a great time to add your two cents  about what new features and functionality you would like to see added to Quicken.

The Quicken Community is home to all feature/functionality requests and is how Quicken understands and tracks what new features are important to our Users.

Idea posts are reviewed by the Product Teams and can be “voted” on by other members of the Community.  The more votes an Idea receives, the higher it is prioritized for possible future implementation.

There are several already existing Idea threads, separated by product version, e.g Quicken for Windows or Mac and the Quicken on the Web and Mobile companion Apps to make it easy to search, find and vote on already existing Ideas.

Searching in the Quicken Community

Before creating a new post with your Idea, we encourage you to search the Community for an already existing Idea that matches yours.  To search by a specific key word or phrase, use the Search bar at the top of the Community.  

To search using Advanced Options, click the down-arrow at the far right of the search bar to expand the selections.

To review all existing Ideas for a product, click on “Categories” on the left side of the Community, scroll through the list of available categories and select your product, e.g "Quicken for Windows" and then scroll down to the "Product Ideas - Quicken for Windows" category.


If an existing Idea is found, add your vote by clicking the triangle on the very first comment in the thread. (If you decide later on that you no longer wish to vote for this Idea, simply click the triangle again to remove the vote)


We highly encourage Users to leave a comment explaining how or why this feature or function would be helpful for you.  The more information provided will help others to understand exactly what the request is and why this feature/function would be beneficial.

If you have a great idea for Quicken that does not already exist, we’d love to hear from you!

To create a new Idea post in the Community, click on the arrow to the right of “Ask a Question” and select “New Idea”.


  1. Select the appropriate product category for your Idea.
  2. Add a Title or "subject line" that makes it easy for other Users to understand what and where in Quicken the idea is for.
              **When searching, subject lines are how Users tell if a post applies to them or not.  If the subject line doesn’t include basic information about your idea, it may not be reviewed by other Users or receive votes.**

              3. Add additional details in the body of the post to fully explain your idea, include details around how and why this idea would be beneficial for you. 

             **The more information and details included with the request will help to ensure the Idea understood by all Users and the Product Teams. **

             **This helps the Product Teams in ensuring the Idea, if implemented, is developed to meet the request/needs of the Idea post.**

Idea posts have multiple “status” options that can be assigned. 

(Only Quicken Moderators have the ability to change the status of an Idea) 

  • New – Newly created Idea, still gathering votes and has not been submitted for review.
  • Already Offered – Feature/Function already exists in the Quicken product.
  • Not Planned – Submitted for review and have received feedback that the Idea will not be implemented.
  • Implemented – Idea has been implemented and currently available in the Quicken product(s).
  • Planned – Submitted to the Product Teams, has been reviewed and accepted.  Development work is planned.
  • Under Consideration – Submitted for review, no feedback received yet on the idea.


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