Quicken Deluxe 2014 won't open in Windows 10. It's installed, just got flakey, now won't open.

I've run Quicken Deluxe 2014 since it was released and never had a problem. It's gotten slow to open in the last month. Now it hangs half way there. Is it corrupt and, if so, can I download a fresh copy?

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  • thomboy
    thomboy Member
    Just bought a new laptop running Windows 10. Have had Quicken 2014 Home & Business operating for years now in Windows 7 on my MAC using Parallels and decided to get a dedicated PC to run this and other Windows software vs. updating to Win10 on the MAC. Has anyone experienced problems loading Quicken 2014 from a disc into a Windows 10 environment? My disc keeps self-ejecting half way through the install, so I never succeed in getting the software installed onto the machine. Many have suggested Q2014 will still operate in a Win10 environment, but is that only if you convert a machine running an earlier version of Windows up to Win 10? Anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, did you find a solution that is allowing you to continue running Q2014? Thanks!
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Quicken 2014 should run on Windows 10 since Quicken 2013 runs on it. And it doesn't have to be a computer upgraded from Windows 7. Sounds like you have a bad disc. Have you tried copying the contents of the disc to your hard drive or a USB flash drive?
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