Best way to forecast cash flow?

I found a support article that taught me about the In/Out/What's Left feature on the home page.

It does exactly what I am looking for in a report. I don't know why it's so difficult to get a report to do this.

I'd like to be able to see a detailed report to get more comfortable with the information I'm seeing.

In/Out/What's Left seems logical. It starts with inflows, including expected deposits. That information comes from scheduled paychecks, etc.

Then it shows outflows of "other expenses," loan payments, bills and transfers to savings.

When it comes to inflows, it does what nothing else I have found does. It actually shows our net paychecks.

I'm wary at this point to completely rely on this until I use it more. It takes the net inflows and outflows and adds to the spending balance as of the first of the month. That figure is then the total available through the end of the month.

That number in my case seems high so I'm not completely confident in it yet.

Does anybody have more experience in running cash flow reports for this purpose?


Quicken Premier 2019 R21.17


  • David Christopher
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    I spent the past few days learning about the In Out What is left, how it works and where the numbers come from.

    The INFLOW number is the sum of 'expected income', your net pay, and any transfers from savings account into the spending accounts plus other deposits such as interest or dividends earned.

    The OUTFLOW number  is
    1. the sum of 'other expenses', not scheduled in Bill and Income Reminder tab 
    2. Loan Payments, which should be scheduled in Bill and Income Reminder tab
    3. Bills which are scheduled in the Bill and Income reminder tab
    4. Transfers to Savings accounts. 

    WHAT IS LEFT number is the balance in your spending accounts as of today.

    The 'checking balance as of Sept 1' is the sum of all spending accounts at the first of the month.

    The 'cash flow difference' is the difference between Inflow and Outflow for the month.

    The 'total available through Sept 30' is the current balance in the spending accounts.

    My case is a little different in that one of my incomes is deposited into a savings account and I transfer what I need to pay scheduled Bills up to the date that my SSI check is deposited in the account. So that is the difference in what is left from my SSI at the end/start of a month and the total of the scheduled bills. 

    This month was a good example of unexpected expenses, like a big dental bill, a car repair and a landscaping bill, I had to transfer money into checking to cover those as well. So in my case the cash flow difference of $148.34 is what is left from SSI deposit and transfers into the spending account.

    To get my Projected Balances to work as close to reality as possible I took my average monthly 'Other Expenses' and added a scheduled bill of $1392 called 'Living Expenses.' and I just skip entering that reminder each month. That way I can look at the Projected balances screen and it is as close to reality as possible.

    Projected Balance fudge figure.

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