Bill Reminders skipping months - still not fixed after R23, R24, R25*



  • Jan59
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    It is R23.17. It may be fixed now, but I can't be sure as it only happened occasionally. That is worse than if it did it consistently, because I forget to check for every payment each month.
  • bill L2
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    I just paid my December loan payment due on the 5th. i pay manually, and my next payment should be January 2020 but the reminders skipped to June 2020
  • bill L2
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    SORRY, I should have said in the loan account NEXT DUE skipped to june 2020. The bill reminders are correct :
  • Susan Brasel
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    I have a rent payment due the first of the month that I physically write a check or print a check for. I entered December's payment. I was in Quicken today, doing some planning ahead and my next rent payment jumped to 3/1/20 instead of staying on 1/1/20. I have year 2020 Version R23.17 Build
  • 2020 Premier, R23.17.
  • Premier 2020,R23.17. Still happening today, sometimes multiple times on the same check. I changed the date first, went to the Payee field, the date changed back. I entered the payee and amount, changed the date again, clicked Record Check, the date changed back AGAIN. Clicked the check in the list, changed the date again, category was gone and had to re-enter it. Finally worked.
  • If I hadn't caught it today, Quicken would have paid almost $1,000 to one vendor more than two months early.
  • Al Hobby
    Al Hobby Member
    I have been battling the issue of bill reminders skipping a month for a long time. Last week it beat me, I did not notice one that was missing and did not make my payment on time. Currently running version R23.17, build I paid for Quicken to make bill paying easier not harder, as a result I have just cancelled my auto renewal that was set for later this month. This issue has gone on way too long with no apparent resolution. I will be switching to a more reliable tool to track my finances, don’t care if I have to set up a spreadsheet. Bye Bye,
  • Jan59
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    It did it again today. Changed my January mortgage payment from January 8 to January 28. It was correct when I looked at it yesterday. It is really difficult to plan things when it keeps changing the due dates or skipping payments altogether. This needs to be fixed!!
  • Ron Anderson
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    I have set up all my recurring payments and bills as scheduled reminders that are entered into the account registers a certain number of days before they are due. These are all specified as 'no end date' so they show up in the calendar when opening successive months. This has worked well over the years until recently. Now occasionally a scheduled transaction does not show up in the registers as expected. When I check the calendar, it is still there but for some reason the start date (first entry) shows up 2 or 3 months down the road whereas the entry for the next month (not yet entered into the register) is absent in the calendar. I should say this appears inconsistent, I have not noticed any pattern with respect to account etc; most of the time things still work normally. Any ideas what is going wrong? (current version is R23.17 and I have rebooted often).
  • Jan59
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    It also changed the payment method on my December payment from send online payment to none, so even though I thought I paid it, it did not go and it was late. I just discovered this today. It was supposed to be paid on the 8th.
  • bmciance
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    Since you say it has worked until recently, have you tried restoring a recent backup file prior to when it started?

  • Snowman
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    I too have noticed the described behavior.  Restoring from a backup does not seem to work as the backup is from a time prior to when the behavior happens.  Is this happening with one payee in particular or multiple ones.

    I have found that the best solution is to delete the scheduled transaction for the missing ones, close Quicken, restart Quicken and then re-create the scheduled transactions again.  Mine are all "manual" transactions with Q2020, R23.17.
  • I have been having the same problem with some transactions. I have them set for every week and if I close the program and look a day or two later they skip a week from the entered date. I keep changing it back to every week but it still goes back to every 2 weeks. I have R23.17. So evidently the problem wasn't corrected.
  • vsmith30
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    Don't understand why this is so hard to fix. I have posted this in the past and has been a problem for over a year now. I am unable to rely on the program to remind me of upcoming bills because it often omits upcoming monthly bills for 1 - 2 months. Seems redundant to have to add reminders to my calendar on my iPhone so that important bills are not forgotten. Anyone else with this problem?
  • Steve Davis
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    Seems like I am having the same problem.
  • hmday
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    FYI a resolved problem:
    immediately following payment of an online bill, the bill would duplicate for the same amount as an unpaid bill with next month's date. I would pay a December online bill, a January unpaid bill would be displayed for that same online biller. It should show as "Awaiting next bill" until the January bill is issued.
    This problem has resolved.....for now!
  • I have version R23.18, Build Today, after I set up my mortgage payment for January 15th, the next payment showed due in March. I manually edited the next due date in the mortgage account to February. So far it looks correct... This has been an ongoing issue for me for about a year. I had to pay a late charge on a vehicle loan because of the first time it happened. I do not trust Quicken any more.
  • bill L2
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    I have the same version and also the same problem, Paid my auto loan this morning due on the 10th of every month, Now when i looked at next payment due it is scheduled for July 10
  • ProfileX
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    I'm still on R23.17 (because of numerous reports of problems with the one-step update), but this recurring bill problem is still happening to me, I have a auto insurance payment due very 6 months, and the next one is January 15th, I've fixed it 3 times now and it keeps changing back to July 15th. This problem has cost me money in overdraft and late fees. Quicken was responsive and seemed concerned for a while, but not lately.
  • bill L2
    bill L2 Member ✭✭
    still having the same problem, seems like this issue is being overlooked
  • Lee Edwards
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    Same here. It was working fine and it seems like when I rolled over to the new year, January payment reminders moved to February.

  • demessinger
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    I am running R23.21 and see this problem frequently. Mostly when payments scheduled to be paid by printed check. Both skipping, and repeating. After entering and printing the check, Quicken claims I am late in making the payment. Might be connected. I tell it to ignore the duplicate payment. Those might be the payments that don't appear the next month (or whatever the payment period is. I have one that is every 2 weeks. Same problem)
  • Jim32
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    Same problem - all of my January bill reminders are missing. They are still in tact for February (for now...). Although some people have had this issue for a while, this is relatively new for me.

    In November 2019, I stopped syncing to the cloud by unchecking the box on One Step Update (due to the ongoing paycheck issue). At that time I noticed a few bill reminders going missing.

    In late December 2019, I actually disabled cloud sync for all accounts. Then all my bill reminders (and paycheck reminders) went missing for January.

    Please Quicken don't tell me that by not syncing to cloud to fix the paycheck issue, I'm now going to have Bill Reminder issues!! Just trading one problem for another (insert angry emoji here...)
  • vsmith30
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    Yesterday got an email about all the great things to expect from Quicken in 2020. I wish before adding new features that they would concentrate on fixing existing problems. I had to pay interest on a credit card (for the first time ever) because I have missed several payments because Quicken (R23.21) continues to routinely skip bill reminders. I have used this product for 15 plus years and never encountered this before the past 6-8 months. Please fix this MAJOR problem!!!
  • Brian135
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    Yes - great new features before fixing years-old bugs. [rant redacted]
  • Brian135
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    ...and censorship is in full effect by the admins on this site
  • jston
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    Recently updated to R24.11/ - Issue with bill reminders skipping months still exists. I have been working with Quicken on this since summer 2019 - seems very frustrating that such a (dangerous) core functionality problem remains unaddressed. Would love to get firm answer from Quicken Support that it is #1 priority being fixed.
  • TGamble
    TGamble Member
    Just happened to me. I use all manual bill reminders. I dont trust the linked bill reminders.

    I have had a bill reminder that has been setup for YEARS to pay my student loan on the 20th of each month.

    All of a sudden, quicken decided that my student loan wasn't due this month and didn't even list it for the month of January. The next time it showed up, it was in February with the payment estimation enabled; and showed several hundred dollars less than the fixed amount it has been for years.

    This completely screwed up my budgeting for the next 3 months and almost caused an overdraft in my accounts.

    I had to open up 5 backup files to find that the manual bill reminder changed on its own sometime in December.

    I am starting to lose confidence in this program. For a piece of financial software, a problem like this should NEVER exist. I am putting considerable thought into finding another solution.
  • mtn_living
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    QW Premier Y2020 R24.11

    My variation on this problem is with twice a year tax payments. In Colorado we can split our property tax payments between Feb 28 and June 15. I have several properties. For each property I created a manual bill reminder set it for yearly repeat. I chose twice yearly and set due dates as 2/28/2020 and 6/15/2020. I had to go back to each one repeatedly to try and get things set right. First it kept jumping first payment date to 2/28/2021. Then it set first payment date to 6/15/2020. Now one property is correct: first payment date 2/28/2020, shows in my check register as a reminder for 2/28/2020 and for 6/15/2020.

    For the other property Quicken refused to handle correctly. Kept setting first payment date to 6/15/2020 (after trying to jump around the second date on its own by assuming six months between payments) and would not show first payment in the bills list. Finally deleted transactions completely and re-entered from scratch. Now both properties showing correctly in bills list as two separate payments, one 2/28/2020 and one 6/15/2020 and the 2/28/2020 payment is showing in my check register as a reminder for both.
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