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Bill Reminders skipping months - still not fixed after R23, R24, R25*



  • Clark PerryClark Perry Member ✭✭
    I too am experiencing due dates changing. A few weeks ago I noticed that my bills due in May were changed to July. I changed them back to May. Today I went to pay one of those bills and found that they were changed to September. I changed them back to May. I have the subscription and always install the Quicken updates. Currently I am at R26.17, build
  • Lisa GalentineLisa Galentine Member ✭✭
    I'm on the same build you are. Mine has appeared to be fixed for the last couple of updates. But, I have either paid my yearly ones that were jumping around or I deleted them and re-created them. That is the one way I got them to fix. The ones that kept doing what you describe had been memorized reminders for many years.
  • Clark PerryClark Perry Member ✭✭
    So instead of completely fixing the bug Quicken only fixed the code and not the data? To complete the fix I have to delete an recreate reminders? Are all reminders impacted or just some? This is not a solution and/or fix.
  • Lisa GalentineLisa Galentine Member ✭✭
    I'm not saying that since I don't work for them. Just noting what I've seen and what I did. I also created a PDF report of my reminders once I fixed them so I could go back and check to verify if they were moving around. I don't know for sure what they have done.
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