Syncing scheduled transactions to Quicken Web

According to the Quicken release notes webpage:

Version 5.12.0, 5.12.1, 5.12.2, 5.12.3, & 5.12.4 (8/2019 & 9/2019)

"NEW - Sync scheduled transactions so that mobile and web will match projected balances on Mac."

Has anyone been able to find on the web version where the scheduled transactions are or where it is taking scheduled transactions into account to do projected balances in the future?


  • @Marshall A The following was posted in the Quicken Mac 5.12 Release thread found here:

    Sorry, this isn't correct.  We turned off Scheduled Transaction Sync for Mac because we ran into issues and still have bugs to fix.  We hope to turn it on in the next release.  I believe Scheduled Transactions have been turned on for Windows R22 and should now be available on the web and mobile apps for Windows users.

    So it looks like this isn't currently available for Quicken Mac users, but hopefully will be in the next release.
  • Marshall A
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    [removed - off-topic/speculation/rant]

      In [any] case, your support webpage for the release notes needs updated to state that due to bugs, this feature has been disabled.
  • You do realize I’m just another user, right? I don’t work for or represent Quicken, and this Community is mostly a place for users to share ideas and discuss issues with each other. As such, I don’t have any control over the support page or product release notes (although I agree that they shouldn’t have put this feature in the release notes till it was fully ready for release). I just posted the information I did because that’s what I had discovered in my research, not because I was involved in any of the decisions or have any control over it. Cheers!
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