Quicken flipping-out!

Windows 8.1
Toshiba Satellite Laptop w/AMD A6 Processor
Quicken Windows 32-bit
Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property, Year 2019; ver R21.17; Build

Intermittently, while using Quicken (subscription), it will open a "2nd" screen (and shows a 2nd icon in tray) and begin flashing (toggling) between the 2 Quicken screens and/or any other open program. No way to get out of this "loop" of various screens flashing up on display, unless I have "Task Manager" running, and when that screen flashes-up, highlight Quicken and click on "End Task". If I'm successful (have to be pretty quick), the Quicken program will close, and I can start Quicken again, and it may run without any issues, or it may do the whole thing again. No other program I run does this....only Quicken. To me, it seems like it started about 2 (automatic) updates ago.


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