Does this version support download from Prudential 401k retirement accounts


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    Prudential does support downloading 401k retirement accounts into Quicken.
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    Sherlock said:
    Prudential does support downloading 401k retirement accounts into Quicken.
    NOTE that this is Prudential's decision ... not Quicken's.
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    Prudential does NOT support Quicken. In fact the only third party application that prudential downloads to is [removed] and you will not get any transactions, just daily totals.
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    Here's Prudential's FAQ about Online Access.

    For our COMMAND and Investor clients, Access Online allows you to:

    • Access real-time account information and quotes.
    • Get the latest news, market information, and daily commentaries.
    • Use online bill payment.
    • Track your portfolio.
    • Download to Quicken and Microsoft Money.
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    Here's the Quicken FI info - looks like 401k and Quicken Direct Connect
    01271    01271    01271    Prudential Retirement - 401k/403b/457    (800) 562-8838    ACTIVE   

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    I wanted to add that there is an ongoing issue with Prudential. 

    For more information please see the ongoing thread here.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Tyka
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