Is anyone else having problems recently running Quicken 2019 from outside North America?

I normally reside in the US but spend part of the year abroad. For the past 7+ years I have had no problem using Quicken while abroad and have been able to download Quicken updates and transactions from my US-based bank, brokerage and credit cards. In the last couple of weeks that has all changed, and I now can't even run Quicken to manually add transactions, When I open Quicken and provide the File Password, I am taken to a Quicken Sign In window. It does not recognize my Quicken ID and password, though I know they are correct (Oops! Something went wrong.).

From 2 chat sessions with Support
<<Quicken is a software for the USA and Canada only, now Quicken recognize the IP and VPN addresses, and when is not located in the USA or Canada Block the users.>>

<<According to our terms and conditions it does specified that is ONLY for USA and Canada usage.>>

<<i was just taking to my support team about it and they are stating we are really sorry but Quicken does not support any issues if you are not in Canada or US

they said that now, 99% of the times you will not be able to access Quicken>>

Apparently they think that US and Canadian customers do not travel abroad, or if they do they do not want to access their Quicken data. They even block log in to your account through their website

From the Quicken Terms of Use on the website
<<Our Data Access Guarantee ensures that you will always be able to have access to your transaction data even after your Membership ends. Using manual data entry, you will be able to add new transactions and accounts to your data files. You will also be able to access, view, and export your financial data using currently supported formats and file types.>>

I no longer have access to my data, though my subscription runs until some time in 2020. I can't even get access to export the data to another package,

Windows 10 Home Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.356)
Quicken 2019 Version R21.17 Build
USA Quicken Deluxe installed from download
Cable connection


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    Hi @Paperdoll ,

    I would suggest that you get a Desktop Computer, not a Laptop and set Quicken up at  your permanent Residence in the United States.

    Get TeamViewer installed on both the Desktop and your current Laptop Computer.

    Then use TeamViewer to log into your Home Desktop Computer to run Quicken.

    When you travel aboard with your Laptop and you are using Quicken, Quicken can not tell, if it is you or someone who may have stole your laptop, because the Laptop has a different IP Address, from when Quicken was first installed on the laptop computer.

    So Quicken blocks you!

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  • splasher
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    You might need to use a VPN service with a portal in the US to fool Quicken into thinking that you are based in the US versus abroad.
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  • Paperdoll
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    Hi @thecreator
    Thanks for your suggestion. I untethered from a desktop many years ago and buying a new one to leave running 24/7 in the US just so I can run Quicken abroad is impractical. In any case I won't be back there until April next year.

    I doubt if the reason Quicken blocks my access from abroad is because they worry that my computer may have been stolen. I had no problems when traveling in the US and using a different IP address, but my computer could just as easily have been stolen while traveling there. The thief would also have to know my Quicken File Password and pw vault password. To get any financial gain, s/he would also need to know the login ID and passwords for my financial institutions. Quicken makes it clear in their Terms of Use that their customers are responsible for the security of their data and 3rd-party accounts.

    I have bank accounts in 3 countries and brokerage accounts and credit card accounts in the US. None of them has EVER blocked access to my account. When my US bank detects that I am logging on through a different server they ask additional security questions. Only one of my credit cards now even accepts a travel itinerary. The others have some other way of dealing with validating foreign transactions.
  • Ps56k2
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    Unfortunately @thecreator - none of any of those comments make any sense for this situation...
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  • having same problem from Malaysia. been using all this while. very frustrating....
  • VPN did not solve problem. VPN let me login to but desktop quicken will not start. stuck at login screen.
  • murphyc122265
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    Please open up firewalls for Malaysian traffic, even if only for the next 48 hours so that I can get my taxes underway. This is a very ignorant view of security, customer requirements, and the world today.
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