Can a Quicken Beta tester run production and beta copy of Quicken on same computer?

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Can a Quicken beta tester run their production version of Quicken software for their real data and then test on the beta test software version?  Or does Quicken beta test make you use the same beta test software for all data?

Trying to understand the details of being a beta tester.

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  • leishirsute
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    As I suspected. Thanks for clarifying.

    Deluxe R49., Windows 10 Pro

  • splasher
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    The only way you could do it with one computer (and no VMs) is to completely un-install and re-install beta and production back and forth over time.
    I have found the easiest way is with VMs, since I am still then using my primary PC with all of it preferred setup (desk space, keyboard, mouse and monitor) versus trying to work on a small laptop.
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    With Windows v1903 Sandbox, one in theory can easily install Quicken on-the-fly and use, but it won't install.
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